Real Solutions for A Better Carolina

With some reforms in place, we can keep North Carolina one of the nation’s best places to live, work and raise a family.

Imagine a state

Families can access educational options of their choice, and local school systems are given more autonomy

Families – not bureaucrats ― are in control of their children’s education. All North Carolina families are empowered to choose the education that best fits their children’s needs. Further, local school systems need more flexibility in terms of school calendars, and the option to reward excellence with reforming teacher pay.

Five policy objectives will enable North Carolina to achieve this:

  • Eliminate Teacher Salary Schedule
  • Revise Education Funding Formulas
  • Develop universal school choice via ESAs
  • Reduce restrictions on charter schools
  • Facilitate Intra/Interdistrict Public School Choice

A fair tax code eliminates political favoritism and encourages jobs and growth.

North Carolina treats all businesses the same and ends corporate welfare schemes that encourage corruption and allow politicians to pick winners and losers in the economy. Job creators receive fair treatment and North Carolinians benefit from a business climate that promotes jobs and opportunities for all, not just the politically connected.

Two major policy objectives will help North Carolina accomplish this:

  • Eliminate the state corporate income tax
  • Repealing corporate welfare schemes like JDIG and the One North Carolina Fund

Healthcare freedom is encouraged.

Healthcare providers are freed from restrictions to provide more access to affordable care, while consumers have more insurance options for their unique health and financial needs. And care for the most-needy on Medicaid is not crowded out by working-age, childless adults.

Three major health policy objectives will help make a better Carolina:

  • Oppose Medicaid Expansion
  • Repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws
  • Increase scope of practice

Fair, accountable elections are the foundation of our democracy.

North Carolina protects the integrity of elections. Voters do not have their ballots cancelled by illegal voting.

Three major objectives will help North Carolina accomplish this:

  • Overcome legal challenges to Voter ID
  • Sensible and realistic redistricting reform
  • Hold local elections boards accountable

Property rights are properly respected by law.

Property rights are the backbone of a free society. When property rights erode, freedom dissolves. The primacy of individual property rights is respected and helps to curb Government overreach.

Two major policy objectives will help North Carolina accomplish this:

  • Amend the state constitution to define the state government’s eminent domain powers
  • Prevent overreach on North Carolinians’ right to farm